Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Spell to Bind a Lover to You

Attracting a lover isn’t always easy and keeping one can sometimes be even harder. Three of my top five posts all-time are A Love Spell to Attract a Romantic Partner, A Sex Spell to Attract a Lover, and, most popular of all, A Spell to Break Up a Relationship (of a lover who has left you).

Once you have found a suitable lover, keeping him or her is the next step. Binding spells restrict the actions of another person. The following spell is intended to bind a lover to you.

You will need a piece of parchment paper, a quill pen, dove’s blood ink, two white gender image candles, red string, Bewitching oil, and a pot of soil. You should be able to find the items at a craft store, New Age shop, botanica, or online. Bewitching oil is a standard hoodoo anointing oil, which is sold under different brand names, such as Anna Riva and Lucky Mojo.

Cut a piece of parchment paper into a square. Using a quill pen, write in dove’s blood ink the person’s full name at the top of the square and your own at the bottom of the square. When the parchment is dry, turn it over and place the two white gender image candles in the square. Tie a red string around the bottom, then wrap it around the two candles until you get to the heads. Wrap it seven times total. Tie the string.

Next, rub bewitching oil on the candles, making sure to soak the string. Concentrate on the person you want bound to you. Place the candles on top of the parchment square in a fireproof container. Then light the candles.

After they have burned completely, take everything that’s left and bury it in the pot of soil. Keep it close to where you sleep. To undo the spell, simply dig it up.

This spell doesn’t bind someone to you for all eternity. It’s a simple spell for the here and now. You should re-do the spell every three months. That doesn’t mean that your lover will pack his or her bags and leave at the end of ninety days. It just means that the spellbinding will begin to weaken at that time. After that, if you don’t renew the spell, your own assets - your looks, personality, and sex appeal - will be what’s binding the person to you - not witchcraft.

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