Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Spell to Break Up a Relationship

There’s nothing more devastating to your happiness and self-esteem than your lover leaving you for someone else. So what’s the alternative to crying yourself to sleep every night and losing the love of your life? If you want your lover back, simply perform a break-up spell. Its purpose is to break up the relationship - not to harm either person.

For this spell, you need two black candles, a picture of each person, cursing oil, and patchouli incense. To make the cursing oil, mix olive oil, patchouli herb, dragon’s blood herb, graveyard dirt, and sulfur. Let the mixture set for 24 hours, and then strain the herbs. Place the oil in a dark place for three days.

Begin the spell by lighting the incense. Next, inscribe the name of your lover on one candle and the name of your rival on the other. Then rub the cursing oil on the candle inscribed with your lover’s name as you visualize him/her and chant:
This is (your lover’s name).
This represents him/her in every way.
Rub oil on the other candle as you visualize your rival and chant:
This is (your rival’s name). This represents him/her in every way.
Set the candles down side by side. Put the pictures in front of their respective candles. Light both candles and visualize their relationship breaking apart. Visualize for at least 30 minutes. Move the candles one inch away from each other. Extinguish the candles.

Perform the spell each night. Each night move the candles farther apart. When the candle reach the edge of the altar or table, let them burn out. On the same night, take the pictures of both your lover and your rival and burn them in their respective candle flames.

If your rival has not magically bound your lover to her, the spell should work in no more than the number of days you took to do it. In other words, if you performed the spell seven days, it should work no more than a week later. If they are not broken up in that time, but you see signs of progress - your lover is friendlier towards you, or they are fighting - repeat the spell.

(If the couple is magically bound by marriage or magic, A Spell to Break Up a Marriage may be needed to break up the relationship. It’s not “more powerful” than this spell - just different.)

If your lover was stolen by magic, he or she should quickly return to you. Otherwise, you may need to follow up your break-up spell with a love spell to attract your lover back to you. Either way, you should cast a binding spell after they come back. You also should try to determine why he or she left you in the first place and whether you may have in some way contributed to your partner’s decision to leave.

Can this spell be used to steal someone else’s lover? If the couple are not magically bound, it can. In this case, you will definitely need to follow up your break-up spell with a love spell or sex spell, depending upon your desire. Before breaking up someone’s relationship, however, be sure that you are able to deal with a distraught or vengeful ex -magically or otherwise.

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