Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Spell to Keep a Love Affair Secret

Sometimes love affairs have to be kept secret. Usually, it's because one or both of you is in another relationship, though it may be because your social backgrounds are very different. it's a May-December romance, or for some other reason. Whatever the situation, this spell is used to keep a love affair secret from others.

To cast this spell, after dark light a white candle. Write your name on a piece of paper. Write your secret lover's name on another piece of paper. Place both pieces in an envelope, with the names facing each other. Seal the envelope and pass it through the candle flame without setting it on fire. Now put the envelope in front of you and say;
In here is our secret.
Our secret will stay in here.
Nobody will discover it.
Nobody will know it.
Those who find out,
Will forget immediately.
Those who know it,
Will never use it against us.
Hide the envelope. Repeat these words without lighting the candle every day after dark. If you forget one day or the envelope is discovered, then you will no longer be safe.

This spell is a glamor or fascination spell, not an invisibility spell, so don't take foolish chances. Don't meet your lover in places your friends and family frequent. Use prepaid cellphones to communicate. Pay cash or use a prepaid credit card for gifts, hotel rooms, etc. As long as you're reasonably careful, this spell will protect against unlucky or accidental exposure of your affair.

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