Saturday, December 17, 2016

Using Personal Concerns to Target Your Spell

Have you cast a love spell in the past without success? In many ways, the degree of success you have with a spell depends on how good your targeting is. Love spells are launched out into the spiritual world so that they can strike the intended targets like projectiles, manifesting you desire into the physical world.The way we target spells is through the use of personal concerns. Without personal concerns, your spell is much less likely to succeed.

What Are Personal Concerns?

Personal concerns are items that are tied to a person's physical body and energy. The items can be something from their actual physical body, something that person used, or something which they came into close contact with. The rule of thumb is that the closer the item is to the person, the more effectively the spell will target them. Also, the more items you can obtain, the better.

Personal concerns fall into three main categories, listed below in order of most powerful to least powerful:

1) Actual DNA and items gathered from the target's body:
  • Blood, semen, vaginal fluids
  • Nail clippings, hair, skin scrapings
  • Sweat, feces, tears, mucus, urine
2) Something the intended target used:
  • Soiled items of clothing
  • A used item (cigarette butt, eating utensil, toothbrush, etc.)
  • The target's foot track (in dirt)
3) Other non-DNA items:
  • Signature
  • Writing sample
  • Photograph
  • Birth date
  • Full name
Ideas for Collecting Personal Concerns

Here are some ideas for how you can collect the personal concerns of your target.

Sexual fluids/menstrual blood: Have sex with the person until they orgasm, but do not bring yourself to climax. You don't want your fluids mixed with theirs. If it is a man, you can simply collect his semen from a used condom, or you can get him to ejaculate on his stomach or yours, then wipe it up with a cloth or tissue and save the collected sample. For a woman, you can bring her orgasm through oral sex, and when she climaxes, just wipe her down with a cloth. As an alternative, you could always collect a used sanitary napkin or tampon if she deposits one in a trash can in order to collect her menstrual blood.

Hair: One of the easiest things to do is find the targets's hairbrush or comb and just pull a few strands out of it. If it is a man, he probably sheds some body hair in the shower or tub. Check the bar of soap or any washcloths.

Used items: Stick around and see if you can grab a cigarette butt when they are finished smoking. If you are having a meal with the person, use paper napkins and collect them when you clear the table as a favor. People often spit out gum in trash cans where it is easily retrieved.

Handwriting samples: You can ask someone to write down their phone number or their email address for you. Make sure they sign their name on the paper as well so that you can remember whose information it is. Thus also a sneaky way of obtaining their signature.

Photos: Facebook is an excellent resource for getting a person's photo. If worst comes to worst, you can take a picture of your target with a cellphone.

Name: Make sure to have a person's full name. You want their middle name as well as their first and last names.

These items can be tucked into a red flannel mojo bag and placed next to a candle to burn to bring them closer, or items, such as signatures, writing samples, or photos, can be placed under the candles so that they will feel the heat from your love candle flame.

Many people want the magic to happen, but they don’t want to do the work needed to make it happen. Magic is not necessarily easier than mundanc methods. Magic just allows you to accomplish things that are difficult or impossible to accomplish through only mundance methods. The traditional belief that the more you put into your spell, the more you are going to get out of it, usually holds true.

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