Saturday, December 17, 2016

Using Personal Concerns to Target Your Spell

Have you cast a love spell in the past without success? In many ways, the degree of success you have with a spell depends on how good your targeting is. Love spells are launched out into the spiritual world so that they can strike the intended targets like projectiles, manifesting you desire into the physical world.The way we target spells is through the use of personal concerns. Without personal concerns, your spell is much less likely to succeed.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Intranquil Spirit Spell to Make a Lover Return

The Intranquil Spirit is a spell originating in Latin America, but which has been adopted for use by practitioners of many traditions. The spell calls on the "Inranquil Spirit" in order to force a lover who has left to return. To some people, the Intranquil Spirit is a dead soul, somewhat like the classic "unsettled ghost" of England and Ireland - the spirit of a person whose death was tinged with either remorse or violence and who cannot rest, but comes back to haunt the living. The Intranquil Spirit spell is a petition asking the Intranquil Spirit to haunt and torment one's unfaithful or absent lover until he or she returns.